Girls’ Hostel Projects

We are able to contribute to the well-being of 200 girls by improving the facilities at two Girls’ Hostels in the villages near Bodhgaya. This is made possible thanks to our colleagues based in the area who visit the outlying villages from time to time to assess their needs.

These girls who live at the Government-run hostels during term-time come from families who live below India’s national poverty line far from the nearest school. If they were unable to live there, they would have no access to education. These hostels also ease the financial burden on their families and encourage them to keep their daughters in education.

The project is aimed at making a long-term impact and is carefully monitored with regular visits to ensure that the help given is effective. Since 2017 the Kagyupa International Monlam Trust and the Hart Knowe Trust have been improving basic facilities at the Baseri hostel by installing ceiling fans, a water purification system, wash basins, sheets, and a new battery system to combat the all-too-frequent power cuts.  Sponsorship to provide sanitary pads for the older girls continues since even this fundamental necessity had not been readily available.