Mindful Heroes – stories of journeys that changed lives

As well as being a way to deal with immediate problems such as stress and anxiety, mindfulness can also be regarded as a life-long journey. The book “Mindful Heroes: stories of journeys that changed lives” explores this view of mindfulness through the stories told by a group of people who followed the path of mindfulness and went on an inner journey that would change their world. They engaged with an in-depth study and courageous exploration of mindfulness practice. Having experienced for themselves the benefits of mindful awareness, compassion and insight, they then wanted to give others the opportunity to discover their own potential. These 26 Mindful Heroes from 10 countries share their moving stories of personal and professional transformation as they creatively applied mindfulness to a variety of settings across Education, Health, Business, Sport, Creative Arts and Community work.

The Hart Knowe Trust provided administration and financial support to help with the publishing of this book which has already inspired many mindfulness practitioners and teachers. Vin Harris of the Hart Knowe Trust was an editor and contributor to “Mindful Heroes: stories of journeys that changed lives”.