Mindfulness for All

Why Mindfulness?

The world we live in never stays the same!  This was always so but now change happens faster than ever before. It has become impossible to predict what surprises tomorrow will bring.  Today our body, mind and spirit are challenged in ways that our ancestors could never have imagined. Perhaps it is not surprising that during these confusing times, more and more people become interested in the ancient art of allowing the mind to rest.

It feels counterintuitive to believe that the simple discipline of resting will be helpful in dealing with the relentless demands of the 21st century. However, an ever-increasing body of scientific research shows that mindfulness can indeed help us to survive and thrive in this crazy modern world. When we remember to pause for a moment, new choices appear that we could not see when we were lost in thought.

Meditation is not about escaping from difficulties: it is a way of dealing directly with life’s challenges. Originally secular mindfulness was conceived as an intervention to alleviate physical and mental suffering: more recently it has been used to enhance personal well-being and professional effectiveness. In other words, not only is mindfulness proving beneficial in clinical settings for the relief of human problems, it also has a role to play in the pursuit of human potential.

Hart Knowe Trust supports mindfulness training because we are aware of how it empowers people to take responsibility for their own lives and awakens the aspiration to help others.