Mindfulness Innovation Challenge

“When we fail to create a place for everyone in our communities, we reinforce the patterns of us and them that are at odds with the reality of interdependence.”

His Holiness 17th Gyalwang Karmapa

We believe that although mindfulness begins with enhancing the well-being of the individual, it also has a vital role to play in creating a more compassionate world for the good of all. The Mindfulness Innovation Challenge is a new initiative designed to reach the parts of our society that mindfulness has not yet reached.

What prevents people from engaging with mindfulness? Perhaps it is because the approaches offered do not resonate with everyone. Our Mindfulness Innovation Challenge provides funding for experienced practitioners and teachers so that they can use their knowledge and imagination to develop mindfulness courses that will make the benefits of mindfulness accessible to a wider audience.

If you have a personal and/or professional connection with specific client groups, then you may have an understanding of why they don’t attend the courses that are currently available. Do you want to create a training programme that will meet their needs and aspirations in terms of content, duration, location, style of presentation and methods of learning? We are particularly interested in ideas that will involve collaboration between mindfulness and other disciplines that promote well-being.

Do you have an idea with the potential to make a difference?

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