Response to Covid 19 in India

At the time of writing the whole world is affected by the Coronavirus pandemic. Through our networks established in India whilst developing the Compassion in Action Projects we have been able to sponsor the provision of food, support services and protective equipment to alleviate suffering in Bodhgaya and the surrounding villages. Our friend Jangchup Lingpa who is based in Bodhgaya wrote to us recently:

“The number of positive cases is increasing day by day. And at the same time, due to these difficult times, many poor people are facing hard time in their daily life.  We are happy to be able to support more than 7000 families since April 9, 2020. Still, we are trying our best to continuously distribute essential dry ration which includes rice, dal(pulses), sugar, salt, cooking oil, soap, matchbox, and biscuits(cookies for children). Recently we concluded 1200 packets of dry essential rations to 1200 families. Our Member of the Legislative Assembly for Bihar has expressed his appreciation for our continuous work for the benefit of poor people in this area”.

He gave us the following update:

“We are planning another distribution of 1200-1500 packets on June 26, 2020. We warmly welcome Hart Knowe Trust’s contribution to join us in the Compassion in Action’s COVID-19 AID project which is a frontline grassroots Aid work directly helping the poor people in need of our support.  We are very thankful for your continued support in our Compassion in Action projects”.